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"ISB has provided proactive, professional and prompt service in managing all areas of the One Cantrell Center. The quality of personnel from Senior Partners to the on-site maintenance staff is of excellent character and capability. As owners, we have been pleased with their services but more importantly, our tenants being the ones we aim to chiefly please, have on numerous occasions offered unsolicited compliments and praise for the performance of Irwin Saviers Ballard."

Ken McRae, Member
One Cantrell Properties, LLC
"...I was impressed by WestLake Corporate Park. I have seen (literally) thousands of buildings over the past several years and it is a rare treat to see a project where the layout, landscaping, and maintenance are excellent. It appears that the excellent maintenance on your project will pay for itself many times over in the future. My compliments to both you and your staff."

David B. Richardson, P.E.
Marietta, Georgia
Independent Property Inspector
"Our medical office building had been through several transitions which led to steady decline and disrepair. Since Irwin Saviers Ballard (ISB) assumed management in 2000, they have systematically fixed all of our problems.

"It needed lots of work - including the elevators, plumbing, window and roof replacement, redecorating, et cetera. Spread over time, ISB fixed all of this without a major financial hit.

"When there is a problem, we call and they promptly address it. We receive regular monthly reports. We get responsiveness without them being too 'noticeable' and interrupting our practice. Our building is now a spectacular place to do business."

James S. Mulhollan, M.D.
Member, Parkview Horizontal Property Regime
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